Discover Mexican Flavors With a Cold Bottle of Beer

Cervezas Mexicanas

Tecate beer is one of the most popular beers in Mexico and California.
It is typically enjoyed by pouring lime and salt on top of the can.

We've always tried to bridge tradition and the modern world.

That's been our goal since the Moctezuma Brewery was founded by Wilhelm Hasse, a German immigrant, in 1884. Thirteen years later he created a beer named Siglo XX (20th Century) to celebrate the upcoming century. With the start of the new century, the beer was renamed to "Dos Equis" (literally "Two X's").

On our label you'll find two unusual symbols: two large X's and a face. The XX is actually our name - Dos Equis means two X's - a legacy from our original name, Siglo XX. The face belongs to Moctezuma, aka Montezuma, the 16th century Aztec ruler who was conquered by Hernan Cortes. The two symbols together serve to reminder us of both our tradition and of change.


Born in Mexico in 1899, Sol Beer is a light Golden Lager with an approachable, smooth and refreshing taste. In April of 2018, Sol Beer relaunched under MIllerCoors. Also Available in Sol Chelada.